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The Business of Writing Podcast

Jan 12, 2021

In This Episode: 


Mike Abramov is a direct response copywriter and consultant based in Los Angeles, California. 


He's written for industry titans like Agora, PaleoHacks, The Dig Agency, NativePath, and Organifi – and is now branching out to seek exciting new ventures of his own. 


When he's not writing, he's coaching up-and-coming writers – helping them move past mental and emotional blocks they have around their writing process. 


Episode Highlights


  • How Mike ended up the youngest copywriter for some of the writing from some of the biggest direct response publishers in the world 
  • Mike’s process for qualifying new client projects
  • Why Mike prefers a holistic approach to writing a sales page
  • How he works with other copywriters to make sure he’s doing his best work 
  • Mike’s advice for moving past perfectionism 
  • How he finds stories hidden in “boring” product research
  • Mike’s advice for balancing work and life while in lockdown 
  • How to start writing a new draft quickly 
  • Mike’s advice for creating urgency in your copy without being sleazy
  • How to manage your emotions when it comes to the writing process


And plenty more along the way. Get the resources mentioned in this episode below.